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September 6, 2017 / Randall

A Heterosexual Response to The Nashville Statement


…the writers of The Statement either ignore or are unaware of the role that the heterosexual church played in laying the groundwork for the transitions they are now critiquing.

August 3, 2015 / Randall

how christians have sex

One of my problems, I’ve come to name, is that I’ve tried to rid myself of this way of thinking about sex but haven’t replaced it with anything concrete. Evangelical Christianity made it really easy to know what was right and wrong. It was easy to know when I was supposed to feel guilty (most of the time). I never really had to think about what I wanted in regards to sex because all that mattered was what the Bible said. And now I have to constantly question, “How do I feel about this? Will I regret this? Does it matter that I don’t know him that well, don’t like him that much, don’t think this will lead anywhere? If he does this, should I do that? Because I want to? Because he wants me to? Because it’s expected? Because I’m drunk? Should I do anything when I’m drunk? What is this saying about me? Does this say anything? Am I saying yes because I am horny or because I want to be nice? Will this change our relationship? Do I care? When is it okay to leave?”

And those questions are exhausting.

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August 3, 2015 / Randall

A Christian perspective on transgender people

I do have a Christian perspective on transgender people, though, and it’s the same as my view on all people: God created us all, God loves us all, and if God loves you, then it’s my job to love you too. That means treating you with respect, kindness, and compassion, just like I’d want to be treated. Period.


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August 3, 2015 / Randall

The Feminist Guide To Non-Creepy Flirting

Given how men and women are socialized around dating in our society, men are more encouraged to behave in creepy ways toward women….

The good news for people who don’t want to come across as creepy is that they have some level of control over how they make other people feel. When flirting, or even just being friendly, the key word to remember is boundaries.


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August 3, 2015 / Randall

Refusing to Shame [VIDEO]

…shame in our parenting stems from our own discomfort with our sexuality and earliest experiences. How we feel about our own privates is a good indicator of how our children will feel about theirs.


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August 3, 2015 / Randall

how to feel your feelings

The most common obstacle I see to people feeling their feelings is negative meta-feelings – that is, how you feel about how you feel.

You feel angry, and you feel bad and wrong for feeling angry.

You feel anxious and afraid, and you feel afraid of that fear, worried that it might take over.

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July 31, 2015 / Randall

Can You Tell A Dog Toy From A Sex Toy? [VIDEO]

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